Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 pictures from the mid-80s

Of my mom and me:
Minus the perm, this is exactly how my mom still looks. Also, holy fat baby!

I rode on the back of a bike for ages before I was allowed to have my own. Pretty sure I remember it from maybe age 4?


  1. Hey JMT -

    I saw your post on unnecessarean and thought I'd come say hi. I have an MPH, was a doula, am a CBE and am currently in premed classes to become an OB/GYN, with a particular interest in quality improvement and patient safety. I absolutely understand your trepidation about being a "vocal truth-having minority" and would love to commiserate with you about the process. Is there a way we can connect on email?


  2. Hi Larissa, and thank you for stopping by! I would love to chat more. You can email me at jessica . turon @ gmail . com (minus all the spaces).