Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twitter Questions

I always get a little excited when I find myself wondering something that's not easily googleable. I like asking these things on twitter, but despite its awesomeness*, I have not found it to be a great question-answering forum. Here are some answerable questions I've posted on twitter that have gone unanswered - and that I am still wondering about. Virtual gluten-free vegan coffee cake for anyone who comes up with answers!

"What are best predictors of c-section? (I know previous CS - what else?) looking for demographics to maternal health to hosp procedures." (13 April)

"Educate me - what does it mean if an NP works in obstetrics "in ambulatory"? Who does she treat and for what?" (6 April)

"so the oft-quoted '60% of women do not meet their breastfeeding goals', supposedly a CDC study ... anyone know what study?" (3 April)

"Of those not breastfeeding, are there more who want to but couldn't, or who didn't want to start? Very diff problems - which to target?" (3 April - and followed by "Regretting words 'problems' & 'target' in last tweet. Try again: very diff strategies to up rates in those 2 cases.")

"What's the history/rationale for the divisions perinatal/neonatal/post-neonatal/infant/child (in the context of mortality)?" (31 March)

"When a tweet stops in the middle of a sentence with an ellipsis at the end, does the rest exist somewhere? Or a link ending w/ an ellipsis?" (24 March - my newest theory on this baffler - cross-posted from facebook or tumblr and just gets truncated?)

"Has anyone written about benefits of midwifery care for preterm or low birthweight babies? Anyone got links?" (21 March)

"anyone have a rec for textbook type reading on women's studies/feminism? think undergrad intro class - i want it light but contentful." (11 March)

""Hospitals...have to report metrics such many women get episiotomies during childbirth." . Anyone know where?" (1 March)

"still don't know the answer to this question - how do we define "preventable" when talking about morbidity or mortality?" and "I'm interested in thoughts on balancing risk of mortality w/ risk of morbidities, esp where conflict arises in practice. blog/twit rec.s?" (15 February)

"Is there a word meaning offspring that is 1)non-gendered + 2)relational like parents(cf child: does not imply 'belonging' like 'parents')" (9 Feb)

"[asking people how healthy they feel =good proxy for measurable health.] [asking about patient satisfx w/ HC =?good proxy for HC quality?]" (31 Jan)

"Does anyone have any general research articles on diet as a confounder in studies that show associations btw obesity and morbidities?" (26 Jan)

"Ok brilliant people: someone point me to a solid bit of reading on W*stboro B*ptist. Not what they do, but why. Socio/anthro/etc answers." (9 Dec)

*I sort of want to post about how awesome twitter has been for me, but it seems silly to ode a social networking site.

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